two color high speed injection machine

Focare a step forward in multi-color injection industry

Focare Mould buy one more machine this year, it is a new rotating-shaft multi-color injection machine, it means in multi-color injection industry, Focare a step forward.

Since 2012, Focare start to make 2 color mould, at beginning, we don't have machine for testing, in 2015, we bought our first injection machine with rotating table, in 2016, we bought 2 more Haitian injection machine, now Focare buy one more machine again with rotating shaft, with an injection unit from back side 90 degree. With these machines, Focare capacity to test most of two color moulds by ourselves.

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two color mould tooling equipments

Focare enlarge its tooling capacity

2016 is a big year for Focare Mould. After enlarging our mould testing facility, Focare invest about 1M USD to buy CNC machines. We totally buy 6 sets new CNC high speeding milling machine. With these machines, our production capacity be improved rapidly, we can control the quality and time much better. Our target it to offer our customer with the same price but better quality and short delivery time.